Need translation LLC is a leader among American translation companies placing emphasis on dedicated Project Management and excellent customer service based in the United Stated of America, New Jersey. We aim at becoming the supplier of choice for translation and localization services worldwide by providing our clients with powerful integrated solutions at competitive prices. 

The accurate and cost-effective translation of technical documentation and software demands expertise in appropriate linguistic and subject-matter knowledge. To preserve the integrity of all your technical documents, we ensure that only native speakers with applicable backgrounds and education are assigned to your projects. All of our translators have extensive experience with the subject matter they translate.
We have two basic requirements for translators: one is proven fluency in foreign language skills; and the other is an extensive scope of knowledge within the translator’s language(s), i.e. being knowledgeable in at least two different professional fields. These two requirements supplement each other and are indispensable to our success.
Of all CEE translation companies, Need Translation LLC offers the widest range of document translation services (incl. rare languages) with letter-perfect accuracy, industry-specific experience and a comprehensive network of knowledgeable translators covering virtually every major language.
Every one of Need Translation LLC clients receives personal attention and service from an assigned Project Manager who ensures each project, big or small, is given equal attention and deadlines are strictly adhered to. Need Translation LLC Project Managers are responsible for overseeing Need Translation LLC unique 2-step quality assurance process:

  1.  Translation completed by a native speaker + checking and proofreading by a linguist

  2.  Revision by another native speaker specializing in your industry

The Objective

  • We want to be part of all of your global challenges. From translation and localization to testing and consulting, we look forward to developing an ongoing relationship that stands the test of time and brings you worldwide success. 

  • Our mission is to provide high quality innovative language solutions to our customers while being the best employer and most respected business partner in the localization industry.

Translation Value
As your project needs to grow, so does our capacity to support you. Need Translation is dedicated to:

  • Continually expanding our services, so your project is handled by a single company.

  • Putting our experience and cross-industry specializations to work for you.

  •   Introducing cost-saving innovations for your projects.

  •  Offering true quality translations.

NT’s staff of skilled and qualified translators along with our European partners allows us to lower operating and fixed costs. This way we can offer attractive translation rates, high quality services and customer service difficult to match by competitors.